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Willow (year 1)

If you need any support please contact Mrs White on the following email:

Home Learning Help


I am attaching some info and documents to help with your child's home learning. These are just general areas that the whole class would benefit from working on. I've included phonics, reading, writing and maths. Please don't think I'm expecting you to sit down and do all of this! It's just there if you feel that your child needs something extra and also so you've got a reminder of the Year 1 expectations.


I'll leave this at the top and each week's learning materials will be immediately below.


Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Mrs W.

Homework - 26th March


Here we are at the end of term already! As you can see, we've had a busy week. As part of our RE Easter learning, children made clay models to represent a time when they felt alone, as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane. We had fun in geography too when we built some London landmarks out of different kinds of bricks.


Your child should have brought home two reading books. Remember that you can get free books from Oxford Owl. Also, any kind of books, comics, magazines etc. that your child enjoys reading will all help.


Have a go at page 28 in the CGP maths book. In phonics we have been learning about the different ways we can spell /igh/ sound (igh - night, ie - tie, i-e - slide). Are there any other ways? See if you can write down some words using these different spellings. See Purple Mash for the last chapter of Anna and the Third Lead plus some activities.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter and look forward to seeing you next term.

Mrs W.



Homework - 19th March

Children have had a fun week in Year 1.  As you can see from the photos, we have done lots of exciting things. In science we observed an ice cube melting (this was more interesting than it sounds!). We enjoyed making stained glass windows in art. And in PE you can see that we had fun trying different activities to see how they affected our pulse rate.


Today we dressed up for Comic Relief and as Year 1's superpower was being funny, we told lots of jokes! A favourite was, "Why did the egg go to the doctor?" "Because it had a cracking headache!".


Homework for this week is to read chapter 4 of Anna and the Third Leaf on Purple Mash. We have been thinking about words beginning with 'gl', 'gr' and 'pl' in phonics. See if you can write down some of the words we have learnt (e.g. glad, glass, glue, green, grey, great, plum, play, please). Also have a go at pages 12 - 14 in the CGP maths book.

Homework - 12th March


We have had a lovely week back. It's been wonderful to see all the children again. They have done really well settling back into class and our routines.


I have set the next chapter of Anna and the Third Leaf  on Purple Mash. Please also have a go at pages 2 and 5 in the maths CGP book. We have been looking at words starting with 'gn'  and 'kn' in phonics this week. Have a go at spelling the words we learnt (gnome, gnat, gnaw,  know, knight, knot).


We have checked all children's reading levels this week and new books have been sent home. Please continue to listen to your child read every day, asking them to predict what might happen and to explain what is happening.


Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday,

Mrs W.

Photos from this week's learning


Well done Willow Class for all your hard work. You have all done brilliantly. I know it's not easy learning at home, but you've all tried really hard. I can't wait to see you on Monday. We're going to be doing lots of fun things and of course, we'll be able to see all our friends!


I'm just adding some things here for anyone self-isolating.


Also, have a look at your photos from this week.

Home Learning 1st March


Hi Everyone,


Well, it's our last week of home learning! You've all done such a great job with your work at home, so a very big well done!


Below is our work for this week. I look forward to seeing your emails and even more, I look forward to seeing you all back at school soon.


Take care,

Mrs W.

Home Learning 22nd February


Hi Willow Class,


Well, here we are at the end of half-term. I've been so impressed with the way you're all adapting to online learning. The work you've been sending me is amazing, so a very big well done to all of you! I'm putting the first week of next half-term's work below, but no need to look at it just yet (the geography PowerPoint is on PurpleMash under Willow Class, Mrs White). Do have a look at your wonderful photos though and have a lovely break.


See you soon,

Mrs W.

Home Learning 8th February


Hi Everyone,


Well, it's the final week of this half-term. I'm so impressed with all your hard work; you should be very proud of your efforts. This week's learning is below and on Google Classroom. There are also some more of your wonderful photos. Keep them coming!


Remember to start science on Monday, as you'll be observing and recording the weather every day this week.


Have a good week,

Mrs W.

Home Learning 1st February


Hi Willow Class,


Well done for working so hard on your first week of live lessons! It's been lovely seeing you all. You're all continuing to do brilliant work, which is wonderful. Keep it up! 


Here are this week's activities. We'll be doing English for our live lessons this week, with science again on Friday. Phonics and comprehension every day like last week.


I'm also adding some more photos for you to see. Keep them coming!


Mrs W.

Home Learning 25th January


Hello Willow Class, it was great to see lots of you on Friday. I'm looking forward to our live

lessons and us all being able to see each other! This week we will have maths on 4 days and 1 science lesson as well as phonics and comprehension every day. You will need a pencil and paper each lesson and if you have a magnet and a few different materials for science, that would be good. Don't worry if not, as we will be investigating together. 


Documents and PowerPoints for non-live lessons are below.


Please keep emailing your work - I love to see it!

Mrs W.


Home Learning 18th January


Hi Everyone,


It's been lovely to see all your hard work. Keep it coming! Here are this week's activities.  I've added some handwriting too. We'll learn 2 or 3 letters a week. I've also added some examples of how to write letters with lead-ins and lead-outs, which I will leave in the general section at the top of this page.


As always, let me know if you have any questions.


Have a good week,

Mrs W.


Some of your fantastic work from the first two weeks. I love to see your brilliant efforts, so please keep sending your photos!

Home Learning 11th January


Hi Willow Class,


Well done on all your hard work last week. It's wonderful that you've been so keen to get back into your learning, so well done!


Here is this week's lesson outline. There are lessons on Oak Academy for English, maths and science. Other lessons have some PowerPoints and others are on Purple Mash.


I look forward to seeing your brilliant work.


Have a good week,

Mrs W.

Home Learning 6th January

Happy New Year!


We hope that you all had a good Christmas. Unfortunately, we won't get to see most of you in person for a little while, but we are planning lots of fun activities for you to do at home.


If you get stuck with anything please drop me an email. I look forward to seeing all your hard work!

Children who are self-isolating:
Home Learning for children self-isolating - please see here for home learning websites.
For children self-isolating. This is the file I uploaded to Purple Mash:

Well done for all your hard work this term. It's been lovely to see you all settling back into school. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you in January.


Chapter 4 of our current book is on Purple Mash.



Homework - 11th December

I have added the next chapter of Class One and the Winter Walk to Purple Mash, plus related activities. 


Please also have a go at page 4 in the CGP maths book.


We really enjoyed dressing up and singing our Nativity songs today. We also had fun making Christmas decorations in RE this week...

Homework - 4th December

Chapter 2 of Class One and the Winter Walk is on Purple Mash, plus some activities. Please also have a go at pages 32 - 35 in the CGP maths book.


We have had fun using compasses in geography this week!



Homework - 27th November

We are not currently testing children on their spellings, but please learn the high frequency and tricky words with them.


A new book this week on Purple Mash - Class One and the Winter Walk.


Please have a go at page 7 in the CGP maths book.


Have a lovely weekend!

Homework - 20th November

The fifth and final chapter of Sam's Wet Day is on Purple Mash. Please also have a go at pages 9 and 10 of the maths CGP book.
This week, the children have had fun looking at maps of the local area in geography and learnt about the whole-part model in maths.

Homework - 13th November

The fourth chapter of Sam's Wet Day is on Purple Mash. We have also sent home CGP maths books. Please keep them at home and check here each week for which pages to complete.

Recreating van Gogh's Plain Near Auvers painting

Making 'messy maps' in geography

Homework - 6th November

The third chapter of Sam's Wet Day is also on Purple Mash.

Science - Looking at Mini-beasts' Habitats

D&T - Making Thousand Island Dressing

Children enjoyed making Thousand Island dressing this week. I was very impressed with those who hadn't wanted to try it but still gave it a go! Most people thought it tasted good!

Homework - 23rd October

The second chapter of Sam's Wet Day and related activities are set on Purple Mash.


Homework - 16th October

The phonics sheet includes this week's tricky words.


I have also set a new book on Purple Mash - Sam's Wet Day.

Making Sensory Boards in Science

Busy Fingers Activities

Homework - 9th October


The last chapter of Ned and the Three Bears is on Purple Mash today, plus related activities. Children have brought home two reading books and this week's phonics sounds.


Please could you also help your child learn to read and write the tricky words we've been learning: 








From next week, I will add these words to the phonics sheet.



Please encourage your child with their letter and number formation.


If your child can correctly form letters, we are beginning to write with lead-ins and lead-outs. Please see here for lower case letters and here for capital letters. However, it is more important at the moment to ensure correct letter formation.

Homework - 2nd October


The next chapter of Ned and the Three Bears will be set on Purple Mash today, plus related activities. Two reading books and this week's phonics sounds have been sent home.


Children have had fun creating bees and honeycomb for our school Harvest RE display. Also some photos showing our work on responsibility in PSHE and working out word problems in maths.

Homework - 25th September


Please see Purple Mash for the next chapter of Ned and the Three Bears. Children should have brought home this week's phonics sheet.


A few photos of what we've been up to this week... Exploring dips in D&T, investigating symmetry in maths, creating a Harvest display of our favourite fruit and vegetables in RE and learning to log on to the computers and explore Purple Mash.

Homework - 18th September


Below is this week's phonics homework, which is being sent home on Friday. Last week's is here too, in case you need it.


Two books will also be sent home, to be returned next Thursday. We will be benchmarking all children over the coming weeks, to check they're on the right level reading band. Please note that children need to be able to understand the text as well as being able to read the words. Books sent home are at the child's level, while books we read in guided reading sessions may be at a slightly higher level.


I have set the second chapter of 'Ned and the Three Bears' on Purple Mash, plus some comprehension and other activities. You should be able to access new tasks through the alert bell at the top of the page. Alternatively, tasks are listed in the 2Do list - scroll down to the bottom of the blue activities.


Any problems, please let me know.

Thanks for supporting your child with their homework.

Mrs White

Friday 11th September


Children have been sent home with phonics homework, where they need to write this week's sounds. There is no need to return this to school at the moment. I have also set a chapter of 'Ned and the Three Bears' on Purple Mash. There are some comprehension questions to answer and some other activities related to the story.

We have enjoyed practising our skipping this week!

Year 1



Your child should have brought home two reading books this week. Please return them next Thursday, thanks. Other homework will be set from next week. However, we would be grateful if you could help with the following:


Science - we are learning about being human and are going to compare ourselves now to when we were babies. If you could email me a photo of your child as a baby (to stick in their books), that would be great.


History - we are learning about recent history. We are going to see how our lives today are similar/different to those of our parents and grandparents. Could you or an older family member please talk to your child about their childhood? Think about hobbies, TV, computer games, school lessons, holidays, food etc. 


PE - to confirm, PE kit is not required at the moment. Please just bring in trainers to leave in school.


Have a lovely weekend.

Welcome to Year 1!


We have had a lovely first day. It's been wonderful getting to know all the children, who have done brilliantly with all the new routines.


Please see below for the Year 1 documents and PowerPoints that we would have gone through at the transition meeting. There is also a PowerPoint about phonics. If you would like to hear how the different sounds are spoken, please watch this video.


If you have any questions about anything at all, please just ask.


Mrs White