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St Michael's Woolmer GreenVA C of E School

'Shine as Lights in the World'

Beech (year 5)

I will not be setting any formal homework now, however there will be pages in the homework books that are unfinished if the children could work their way through them that would be beneficial.

Ethan and Mattie did a 12.6km bike ride for charity - they raised over £400 for the WWF and the Salvation Army. What an achievement!

Fun with inflatables!

6th July Words with silent letters - I know there is a lot but quite a few of them the children should know

Beech Class Homework 6th July

Maths:  Volume

Book 5 pages 52 and 53

Book 4  pages 58,59,60


Words with silent letters:

Book 5 pages 90 and 91

Foundation pages 96 and 97

Book 4 pages 82 and 83


Beech class homework


Roman Numerals

Book 5 page 11

Book 4 page 15


Comma practice 

Book 5 pages 44 and 45

Foundation: 52 and 53

Book 4: 48 and 49


No spellings this week as we didn't do a spelling lesson last week due to cycling proficiency


Homework 21st June


Revision of fractions

 Book 5: Thousandths / Equivalent fractions pages 27 and 28

Book 4 pages 28 and 29




Book 5 pages 31 and 32

Foundation pages 34 and 35

Book 4 pages 26,27 and 28 



Spellings w/c 28th June

Spellings for test w/c 21st June

Homework w/c 14th June


Book 5: Commas pages 42 and 43

Foundation: pages 50 and 51

Book 4 pages 48 and 49


Translation:  Book 5 pages 68 and 69

Book 4: 58, 59, 60

Spelling for test 15th June

Homework w/c 8th June

Apologies for delay... I meant to post yesterday but we had internet problems


Book 5 Reflection pages 66 and 67

Book 4 56 and 57


Book 5 Paragraphs  65 and 66

Foundation 74 and 75

Book 4 64 and 65

Spellings for test after half term

Homework w/c 24th May


Book 5: Time and measurement problems pages 54 and 55

Book 4:  Clocks and time problems pages50 and 51


Book 5: Spelling pages 80 and 81

Book 5 foundation: pages 86 and 87

Book 4 pages 82 and 83

Spelllings for test on 17th May

Homework 17th May


Book 5 Imperial Measures: pages 46 and 47

Book 4  pages 48 and 49


Spelling - ant and -ent pages 78 and 79

Foundation (5) pages 84 and 85

Book 4 pages 82 and 83

Spellings for test on 17th May

Homework w/c 10th May


Metric units

Book 5 pages 44 and 45

Book 4 pages 42 and 43


Book 5 pages 74 and 75

Book 4 pages 78 and 79

Foundation pages 90 and 91

Homework w/c 3rd May


Book 5:

Ordering and comparing decimals: pages 38 and 39

Book 4 page 35


Book 5 able and ible spellings: pages 82 and 83

Foundation pages:88 and 89

Book 4

Suffixes pages 80 and 81



forcibly , comfortably, terribly, adorably,  understandably, tolerably, possibly,  horribly,  noticeably, incredibly.

Homework w/c 26th April


Book 5: 

Decimals, pages 36 and 37

Book 4:

Pages 38 and 39


Modal Verbs

Book 5 pages 6 and 7

Book 4 

Pages 8 and 9




Curriculum Map

Spellings - revisit the year 3 / 4 spellings

Homework w/c 19th April


3d shapes

Book 5 pages 56 and 57

Book 4 Revise time: pages 50 and 51


Spellings 'shus ' and 'shul' sounds pages 76 and 77

Foundation pages 82 and 83

Book 4 pages 84 and 85

Spelling add cially or tially to the words in the grid

Homework w/c 13th April


Book 5: Regular and irregular polygons: pages 64 and 65

Book 4: Comparing 2d shapes pages 52 and 53



Book 5 pages 40 and 41

Book 5 foundation 48 and 49

Book 4 46 and 47




Maths: Angles

Book 5: pages 58,59, 60 and 61

Book 4: pages 54 and 55

English: Speech punctuation, inverted commas

Book 5: pages 62,63,64 and 65

Book 5 foundation: 70,71,72,73

Book 4: 60,61,62,63,64



  • keep learning your times tables
  • Read every day and make sure you discuss your book with an adult at least twice a week.
  • Spellings to think about this week - words ending in -cial and - tial

social, facial, financial, initial, essential, partial, special, crucial, potential, confidential, influential, substantial, artificial

Multi Sports with Mr Williams

Hello all,

I can't wait to see you all next week!

I hope you have enjoyed the Luke Temple Masterclass the work I have seen is wonderful. Don't forget if you would like to buy a book from him I have posted the order form on the website.

I haven't had any pictures for the photography competition, make sure you go out over the weekend and take some photos.

Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday.

Mrs Woods

Work for this week

Hello everyone!

We have finished our English, Far Away tales, I have really enjoyed sharing the stories with you and they have really inspired you to write some fantastic stories, it is really good to see that you are keeping your standards high. Well done for working so well and independently in your maths you have coped really well with percentages and decimals.

It was lovely to see your powerful art work in response to the Stations of the Cross power point - I have posted the pictures that I have received on the website. I also loved your art showing movement, you have thought of some really original ideas from diving to dancing!

Next week is our final week of home learning...hurray! I can't wait to see you all on the 8th March. I hope that you will enjoy Luke Temple's masterclass in English and that you enjoy his book 'Mutating Mansion',

Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday at 9 for maths.

Mrs Woods

Beech Home Learning 1st March

Toby's Internet safety power point

I can't believe that we are at half term already.  Well done to everyone for working so hard with your home learning.  We have managed to master Google classroom , it has been lovely to see you all every day and I have been really pleased with the standard of your work. You have been inspired by our Far Away tales and the quality of your work is fabulous.  Well done for coping so well with the the maths on your own and thank you to your parents who have been giving you a helping hand when you need it.

I am so pleased that some of you have been thinking about the environment in PSHE and I have loved your pledges to help save British endangered species.

Today I announced that Jenson is the winner of the Young Chef award, his tasty menu showed considerable skill and looked extremely tasty! Well done to Edward and James as runners up and to Sofia T, Lillian, Ethan and Freddie who were highly commended.  I will post some pictures for you to have a look at.

I hope you have a fantastic half term and I will see you all virtually on the 22nd!


Jenson the winner of Young Chef, Edward and James who were runners up and Freddie, Lillian, Sofia T and Ethan highly commended

James cooking

Jamie's video

Still image for this video

Home Learning w/c 8th February

I can't believe another week has gone by and we are heading towards the last week before half term. Once again it has been lovely to see you all in the live lessons and I have been impressed by how hard you have been working.

You have all responded well to the Oliver Twist unit from Oak Academy and I have enjoyed reading all of your creative week's English will be a live lesson at 9am every day.

It is so wonderful to see your creativity too, I have loved your poems they were really special. Science obviously inspired you as well this week, take a look at Edward, Freddie and Josef's which are on the website... I am happy to put more up if you send them to me.

A special well done to Charlie and Scarlett for your hedgehog hotel, James' and Jenson's fabulous bird feeders. It is great to see that you are doing some outdoor work too!

Well done everyone, keep up the good work!

A clear explanation as to how to upload documents on Google Classroom

Home Learning Timetable 1st Feb

Dance Rehearsal with Mrs Lewis (3)

Still image for this video

Hello everyone!

We have almost finished our first week of live maths lessons and inspite of the couple of technical hitches I think overall it has gone really well. I wanted to say how sensible the children have been and how focussed and hard working they are- they can be really proud of themselves.  We have had 100% attendance which is fantastic!

Next week we will continue with fractions... I have tried to use some pages from a text book to save your printers although there are a couple of days with worksheets... check with your child which level they usually work on (developing, expected or greater depth) and you only need to print that sheet rather than the whole lot.  I would like the children to start handing in their maths via the class room please.

I will post the weekly timetable on the website as well as in the classroom.

It was lovely to see Toby's bug hotel and Edward and Lenny's bird feeders and the other work that the children have been doing... please keep the emails coming.

Have a lovely weekend!

Freddie's rapping debut....

Still image for this video

If you need any support please contact Mrs Woods on the following email:

Hello everyone!

It was so lovely to see you all in our class meeting... hopefully we have sorted out any technical issues for next week's live lessons.  Just a reminder we will be starting our lesson at 9am, I will upload all documents that you need for the lesson on Google Classroom from Sunday at 5pm then you can get things printed ready.  If you don't have a printer don't worry you can work with a piece of paper. On Friday we will be having a times tables test so please get practising! Resources for your other lessons will now be on Google classroom rather than on the website.

I have been so impressed by your home learning this week you have drawn some superb sketches, created some lovely project work, written some fabulous creative writing and done some tricky maths...well done!!

The dance was fun today and if you missed it the link is below . Enjoy your weekend and see you all Monday!

Home learning - for reference. Remember to start to use Google Classroom

Dance rehearsal with Mrs Lewis (2)

Still image for this video

Dance Rehearsal with Mrs Lewis

Still image for this video
Mrs Lewis has kindly offered to do a weekly rehearsal with us so that we can learn a dance for the Welwyn and Hatfield virtual dance festival. The theme this year is 'Space'

Hello everyone!

I am so impressed by your home learning this week, it is lovely to receive your emails showing me how hard you are working.. check out the photos on the website.

Thank you for your Young Chef pictures, your food looks so tasty and healthy and it is so good to see you cooking independently.

I LOVED seeing most of you this morning with Mrs Lewis, the dance is already taking shape, when Mrs Lewis sends me the YouTube link I will post it on the website so that you can start practising.

You will find the work for next week below - a couple of changes: I have given you a login for Charanga music and the scheme you will be following is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air - a bit of rapping for you and there is a mental arithmetic paper for maths.

Please fill in your reading journals on Purple Mash.

I look forward to meeting up with you next week and dancing again on Friday!

Mrs Woods

More Young Chef pictures. Please keep cooking and keep sending them to me I will be judging soon.....

Some pictures of this week's home learning

Dear Beech Class,

I hope you are all well and had a happy New Year.  Well done for completing your first week of home learning and you will see below your learning  for next week.

Don't forget to send me emails of your work I love to see what you are doing.  I have posted some of the work that has been sent to me by Tabby, Lenny, Sofia and Ellena.

Don't forget about the Young Chef competition I haven't received everybody's pictures yet and I was hoping to start judging soon.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and keep up the good work next week!

Mrs Woods

Be Careful What You Wish For

This is a short play written by four children in Beech Class - Jack, Jenson, Lilian and Toby. We spent a few weeks together on Tuesday afternoons discussing thoughts and ideas about inspirational pictures. I asked them if they'd like to choose one that they particularly liked and write a short play together. Their enthusiasm for this project was overwhelming and we had a lot of fun brainstorming, choosing characters, writing lines, allocating parts, thinking of sound affects and a few props and eventually filming. This is the finished version. Every single word is their own. This is their project.


Young Chef

Check out the powerpoint with some recipe ideas and the web links that show how to fold napkins in inventive ways. I will also upload the judging criteria for you to complete.  It is really important that the children are as independent as possible when they are cooking and that they present their food as best they can.  Good luck!

Freddie did an exciting welding project with his Grandad at the weekend

Ellena practising her meal

Young Chef, it is good to see the children practising at home!

Homework w/c 7th December


Book 5: Tables pages 72 and 73

Book 4: pages 62,63,64



Book 5 pages 26 and 27

Book 5 foundation pages 30 and 31

Book 4 pages 64,65,66

Homework w/c 30th November


ei and ie words

Book 5 pages 86 and 87 

Book 5 foundation pages 92 and 93

Book 4: hard c and soft c pages 90 and 91


Book 5:  Line graphs pages 70 and 71

Book 4 61, 62, 63

Homework w/c 23rd November


Book 5: Area pages 50 and 51

Book 4: Area pages 46 and 47


Book 5: Clauses page 15, conjunctions page 23

Foundation book 5: clauses pages 17,18,19

Book 4:

Phrases and noun phrases pages 15,16,17

Carrot and coriander soup and smoothies!

Homework w/c 16th November

I tested the children today on the Year 4 timed test, based on the results the children have a times table to learn for a test next  Friday, they will let you know which one they are on.  



Book 5 pages 48 and 49

Book 4 pages 44 and 45


Sentence practice:

Book 5 page 39

Book 5 foundation: page 46

Book 4 page 44


Badminton - we played some doubles matches

Chopping and peeling apples

Learning to play the ukulele

Homework 06.11.2020


Book 5: Division and problem solving pages 25 and 26

Book 4: Page 26


Book 5: 36, 37,38 Punctuation

Book 5 (foundation): 43,44,45 Punctuation

Book 4: 40,41,42,43

Badminton with Mr Williams

Young Chef award - peeling and chopping carrots using a knife safely

Maths Homework:

Book 5: Mental multiplying and dividing page 23, written multiplication page 24

Book 4: Written multiplication page 25


Book 5; Pronouns and relative pronouns pages 12 and 13

Book 5 Foundation: Pronouns 10 and 11 and relative pronouns page 14

Book 4: Adverbial phrases pages 18 and 19


Homework for w/c 19th October


Book 5 - Squared and cubed numbers page 16, x by 10,100 and 100 page 21

Book 4 - Counting in multiples page 6, written multiplication page 21

English: Book 4 and 5 Prefixes pages 68 and 69

Hello Yellow Day - A session with Fitter Future coach Doug

We will be changing some of the displays next week, I thought you might like to see our current ones

Handwriting in year 5

Homework w/c 12th October

Please can the children access Purple Mash - there will be a weekly 'To Do' from Serial Mash which will be to read a chapter per week and answer quiz questions... their book will be either A Tiger's Path or Henry the Elephant - the other books are for our guided reading in school.

Pages for the week:


Book 5: Multiples, factors and primes pages 18,  19 and 20

Book 4: Times tables and factor pairs  pages 22,23,24


Book 5: Linking ideas in paragraphs pages 26 and 27

Book 4

Adverbial phrases pages 20 and 21

Homework w/c 5th October


Book 5:  pages 14 and 15

Book 4: pages 20 and 21


Book 5: pages 84 and 85

Book 4: pages 76 and 77

















Science - irreversible changes

Harvest Service 30.9.20

Harvest at St Michael’s Church

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Acrostic Poems

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Harvest Time

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Harvest Traditions

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Thank you for the Harvest

Still image for this video

Bible Reading - The Parable of the Sower

Still image for this video

Final Prayer

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We will be concentrating on suffixes this week in our spellings, your child might like to practise these:
















Homework w/c 28th September

Sorry I was a bit late last week!


Written addition and subtraction:

Book 5 pages 12 and 13

Book 4 pages 18 and 19


Relative clauses:

Book 5 pages 16 and 17

Book 4 pages 12 and 13

Beech class science - investigating properties of materials

Homework w/c 21st September

Maths Book 5

Pages 6  and 9

Book 4

Pages 7 and  10


Book 5 pages 8 and 9

Book 4 pages 6 and 7

Homework w/c 14th September


Book 4 pages 12 and 13: rounding

Book 5 Page 10: rounding


Books 4 and 5 

Pages 4 and 5 nouns and verbs

Homework Pages w/c 7th September

Book 5

Maths:  Pages 7 and 8 (place value)

English: Pages 21 and 22 (conjunctions)


Book 4

Maths: pages 8 and 9 (place value)

English: Pages 22 and 23 (conjunctions)