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Year 4 Saracens Festival October 2021

St Michael’s attended a Saracens tag rugby festival on Friday 15th of October. Our Year 4 players were EXTREMELY excited to see whether their training drills and attack and defensive line strategies would serve them well in matches against other schools.  Teams played each school in their group twice and so it was good to get to know how different schools approached the games and also to give all of our squad members lots of time on the pitch.  The results in Group 2 were as follows:

St Michael’s v Creswick.                        9-4 win.          7-6 win.

St Michael’s v Commonswood.          9-2 win.          5-2 win.

St Michael’s v Peartree (2).                  7-2 win.          8-1 win.

The players from all schools demonstrated enthusiasm for the game and great team spirit.

Our team appreciated lots of support from their families and peers.