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St Michael's Woolmer GreenVA C of E School

'Shine as Lights in the World'

Spirituality at St. Michael's

We asked the children about Spirituality - what it means and when we provide spiritual moments at school?

Spirituality influences all areas of education and life and all areas of the curriculum may contribute to pupils’ spiritual development, including Religious Education, Collective worship and the teaching of Christian values.


Spiritual development relates to fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of life which affects everyone and is not dependent on a religious affiliation. We explained to our children that there are no definitive answers to what spirituality is and we asked them to use their imagination and think about what spirituality means to them. We had some wonderful answers from them; it is being at peace with yourself and knowing what the truth is, being happy and filled with hope and spirit, it is about being religious and thoughtful and generous.


We use ‘Big Questions’ to develop pupils’ thoughts and opinions and debate key points they encounter during their education, allowing them to become more aware of their natural, innate spirituality.


We discussed moments of spirituality during the school day and the children spoke about; mindfulness, listening to a story, reflecting on an assembly, praying and playing sport. All of these things have a link to the My Personal Best life skills and our School Values: Friendship, Sharing, Courage, Love, Perseverance, Curiosity, Hope & Reflection, Imagination, Honesty & Truth, Cooperation and Peace.


Many of our children feel a connection when; walking in the woods, seeing baby lambs, watching the sunset and so on... Our school grounds offer opportunities for pupils to take part in mindful walks, reflect in quiet areas and engage with the natural world.