We have spaces available in a few year groups, please contact the Office. We would love to show you around our school.

St Michael's Woolmer GreenVA C of E School

'Shine as Lights in the World'

Beech (year 5)

Digi - Maps

Art Work for Born Free competition

Hello everyone,

Here is your final week of home learning as the week after next we will be in school! I can't wait to see you all.

Well done to those of you who designed badges for the Pin Your Thanks competition they were fantastic... good luck I hope you get your badges made.  Did you enjoy the McLaren substitute teacher website? I hope you did as there is another lesson this week linked with healthy eating. I am loving your self portraits - the year 6 leavers will be really thrilled to have them to remember you by.

I hope you enjoyed researching about the rainforest and the important work that environmentalists do, this week in art you will have the opportunity to enter the competition - make sure that you email me your wonderful pictures. In geography we are really lucky to have free access to a fabulous Digi mapping resource and I hope you have fun exploring our local area and beyond.

Have a fantastic week and see you very soon.

Mrs Woods

Geography Work

Some lovely badges for the Pin your Thanks competition

Hello everyone!

Well you have been busy this week.  Thank you to those of you who have sent me emails of your work I LOVE receiving them.  Your cork launchers looked fantastic and it seemed that you had great fun making them.  The creativity that you have shown in the creation of your Zen gardens is fabulous, they looked beautiful and very tranquil. I have enjoyed reading your Purple Mash work and I hope that you will enjoy this week's book about a daring mission during WW2.

I have found some fun activities for you to do this week - check out the McLaren website for your science work and you never know you could win a lap top!  It would be lovely if you could enter the Pin Your Thanks competition for your Art activity.  For Geography you will be researching the Born Free website and finding out about the important work that environmentalists carry out, please create a leaflet or fact file about your findings, then we will enter the art competition next week.  I had a look on the Charanga website for music and I noticed that not many of you have been doing any music - please give it a go there are lots of rewarding activities to do, I have put up a reminder of your passwords.

Finally please keep sending your emails with photos of your work and I will put them on the website for everyone to see.

It looks like we will be seeing each other soon..... I can't wait!

Mrs Woods

Fabulous Zen Gardens - well done Elliot, Sophie, Teddy, Jared, Tim, Matilda, Ashley, Cerys, Olivia

Connie's Cork Launcher

Still image for this video

Ashley's Cork Launcher

Still image for this video

Jared's cork launcher and guitar

Still image for this video

Ben's cork launcher

Fin balloon powered car

Megan Cork Launcher

Teddy cork launcher

Still image for this video

Hello everyone,

I can't believe another week has gone by already.  I hope you have enjoyed your home learning this week. Thanks to Ben, Megan and Fin who sent me photos and videos of their balloon powered cars, they looked fantastic! I do love getting emails with your work please keep sending them.  I have another science challenge for you all ... a cork launcher. Good luck and have fun launching your corks!  For those of you who enjoy being outside I hope you enjoy creating your very own Buddhist Zen garden - it doesn't need to be very big just a small space that you can create your own unique area of peace. Remember to send me photos!

Make sure you keep active and get the whole family involved in the Rainbow games which have some really fun activities for you all to enjoy. The Hertfordshire Library summer reading challenge is back so another worthwhile challenge to get involved with. 

I hope that you all have a good week and fingers crossed I will see some of you by the end of term.

Mrs Woods

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well, I know some of you are starting to get a bit fed up with the home learning please try and stay positive through these challenging times. I think of you all the time and it has been lovely to see what some of you have been up to... thank you to Megan and Teddy who shared their homemade dye projects with me.

This week you have the balloon car challenge which should be fun and it is refugee week so I have shared some more British Red Cross resources with you.

Miss Prentice has asked you to have a think about  if you would like to be a Health  or a Sport Ambassador or a play leader next year. If you are interested please send a letter  to apply for the role that you feel would suit you- you might like to think about what special qualities you have for the role and what you can offer (no powerpoints please). You can send your letter and any other work you would like to share to

I hope you have a good week - take care of yourselves and enjoy your learning!

Mrs Woods

Firstly I would like to apologise, I have just realised my video for last week didn't upload! You can see it below.... better late than never!

I hope you are all keeping well, unfortunately the sun has gone in but you can keep fit indoors with the 'fitterfuture' website that Mrs Martin mentioned in the newsletter.

I have some fun learning for you to do this week... you can have a go at making some home made dyes in science (sorry parents!) and teach yourself some important First Aid techniques with the help of the Red Cross. Camila mentioned on our class blog that she had been writing letters, I thought that was a wonderful idea, why don't you write a letter to a member of your family or a special friend? Everyone loves to receive a letter through the post or just popped through their door. We have another 'Serial Mash' book to read with some writing activities to complete and we are finishing the Oak Academy maths unit on measuring.  Log onto Language Angels home learning site and have a go at learning about the Romans in French!

Please remember the Beech class email: I love to see what you have been up to.

Have a super week and enjoy your learning, I am missing you all and keeping my fingers crossed that we might be allowed back soon.

Mrs Woods 

Welcome back!

Still image for this video

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all well and keeping busy.  I have been so impressed by your work on Purple Mash, I have enjoyed reading your work based on Ollie and the Great Stink.  This week's text is a bit different and I hope you enjoy it.  I have given you some lessons from the BBC bitesize website that I hope you enjoy.

Thank you to those of you who have sent me emails showing me your projects - they are amazing! I have created a class blog on PM - go to Sharing, Shared blogs and you should be able to send messages to me and to the rest of the class as well as uploading work if you want to.

I hope you are enjoying Born to Run we are over half way through now...

Have a good week, try and stay positive, active and smiling.  I miss you all and can't wait until I see you all again.

Mrs Woods

A Chapter a Day

I hope that you are enjoying Born to Run. We have decided to create a special page on the website dedicated to reading. It is called Book Corner. All further chapters can be found on that page from now on. Please go the main menu / what we learn / book corner. 

Hello everyone!

I have uploaded your work for next week - a little early as we have a bank holiday tomorrow. I don't expect you to do anything until next week.  Some of you may have VE day celebrations tomorrow so I hope you have lots of fun if you do.

We have had another busy week on Purple Mash - I was really pleased to read your book reviews and that most of you have enjoyed the book - we have a new book this week to get into.

It is lovely to receive your emails showing me your wonderful Europe projects - keep them coming! Thank you to Oskar and Elliot for sharing yours this week.

I absolutely loved the video you sent me - it was wonderful to see your faces.  Keep your eyes open for a possible staff one...

I hope you are enjoying Born to Run I have really enjoyed reading it.

I am missing you all so much, take care of yourselves and stay positive!

Mrs Woods x


Beech class video

Still image for this video
Thank you so much everyone!

If anyone is interested in a live learning session - Plan Bee will be running one all about VE day on Thursday 7th May at 11 am. Just click on the link.



Hello everyone

I can't believe we are in May already, where has all of the sunshine gone?

I have uploaded the documents for your home learning this week. There are some Purple Mash 'To do's, daily maths lessons and some fun VE day activities that you might like to try.  As always we all work at a different pace so just do what you can. I have added an art lesson - unfortunately it is not live but it looks fun.  

Some of you have emailed me your Europe projects and they look fabulous, I can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into them. I also loved reading your poems, letters and diaries from Nightfall on the Somme, they were brilliant.  I can tell that you are all working really hard - well done!

Keep an eye on the website next week, I will be reading a daily instalment of 'Born to Run' by Michael Morpurgo.  I thought it might be a good opportunity for you to relax and switch off for a while. It is a lovely story about a very brave dog, it was a firm favourite with my children when they were younger, I hope you enjoy it.

Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Woods xx

I have added the maths daily activities below as some people are finding it difficult to access them on Purple Mash.

First News can now be found in the Home Learning section on our website

Message from Mrs Woods

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Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the fabulous weather.  You will find your home learning resources for the week below.  I have found some daily English and Maths activities for you to do - work at your own pace and don't panic if you think it is too much, just do what you can. I hope you enjoy exploring 'Purple Mash' it is a fantastic website and I have put all of your work on there. Make sure you send me little messages and I will do my best to reply.

Hopefully you will soon get back into your daily work routine, make sure you keep active as well.

Take care!

Mrs Woods

Happy Easter Holidays everyone!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I had a few technical issues!

Well, you have had two weeks of home learning, I hope it has gone well and that you have established a good routine. I have been doing Joe Wicks PE every morning and exploring new things for you to do after Easter... watch this space! My children (quite grown up now) and I are playing Monopoly, doing puzzles and going for a walk every day. I have even seen one or two of you in the woods!

It is now the Easter holidays and the sun is shining, make sure you get out in the garden and enjoy the outside.  Keep positive, keep smiling and being your wonderful selves.


Mrs Woods

Message from Mrs Woods

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Mill Green Science Visit

Beech class had a wonderful afternoon watching Patti cook a fantastic bean stew from Ghana.  Most of the children were really keen to taste it and it was delicious.  We learnt about cooking with plantain and a variety of exotic spices.  Thank you Patti for coming to visit us.

Patti Sloley cooking a bean stew from Ghana and sharing a range of spices with us

Lucas competing in the Welwyn and Hatfield Young Chef Competition - he won! 7.2.20

The class are practising hard for the Dance Show in March...

Our Young Chef experience came to an end today with group 3's cooking. Once again the standard was extremely high and some delicious food was produced.  Mr Gillam and I tasted every dish and it was wonderful that there was such a tasty range of flavours.

We were lucky to be shown the 'Print Room' where every single picture on the wall is original.

Thank you once again to Mr Gillam and Mrs Irons for inviting us to use your kitchen it has been an amazing experience for St. Michael's children.


It was Group 2's turn to visit Heath Mount school this week and we were really excited to be picked up by the mini bus.

We cooked some amazing dishes including a variety of fish dishes, pasta, chicken soup and breaded chicken.  The children were extremely well behaved and worked independently. Well done! Thank you again to the chief taster Head Master Mr Gillam  and to Mrs Irons who is in charge of the kitchen.

We were so lucky to be able to cook our main courses for the Young Chef of the Year competition at Heath Mount School.  The children were amazing, their cooking skills were fantastic and they produced a range of tasty dishes.

The Headmaster Mr Gillam even came and tasted each dish (as did I) and he helped with the judging.

Well done to group 1 you did a great job!

Mrs Woods

Welcome to Beech Class!



We were lucky to take part in a 'blood' workshop with Mrs Knowles

Blood Workshop

These are some pictures of our Class Assembly which was all about the Ancient Egyptians, who we have been learning about in our History lessons this term.

Class Assembly - Ancient Egyptians

We enjoyed using a variety of methods to make a salad; using a spiraliser, grating, chopping and making ribbons with a peeler.  We made a dressing out of olive oil and fresh orange.
Beech class enjoyed making  smoothies.  We thought about a rainbow of colours and healthy choices.  It was wonderful to see the children's enthusiasm in tasting a variety of different flavours.