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'Shine as Lights in the World'

Oak (year 6)

Farewell to Oak Class...crying

Dear Oak Class, thank you from Mrs Tjong and I for a lovely (almostwink) year. It did turn into a bit of a strange one but we got through it, together. Yesterday was a lovely day and I know you all had great fun and enjoyed seeing each other again. We'd like to wish you luck and happiness as you move on and start the next part of your journey in life.

Have a great Summer!

With love and best wishes,

Ms Law and Mrs Tjong.


PS: See picnic pictures below...


Greetings Oak Class on our final week of term!smiley

Well, you made it. We're at the final week of the Summer term where you've continued to work hard to produce some super work, despite the difficult circumstances - a term we'll certainly all remember as being a bit different. This week I've seen a few beautiful and skilfully-produced pieces of still-life artwork (you can see these below). If you haven't sent me a photograph of yours yet, please do as it would be great to put them all on this page for everyone to see.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all this week, and getting together on the school field for a final leavers' picnic. It will be lovely to see you all together - socially distancing of course.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you next week!

Ms Lawlaugh

Still-life Art

Welcome Oak Class to your penultimate week!smiley

Well, it's been another fun week and we have yet again seen some super writing about the mysterious, floating island. Well done to everyone. Archery was great fun, and well done to Luca on winning the competition!

Below you will find the plans for the week. Please continue with your still life art - I'm looking forward to seeing those!

Have a great weekend!

Ms Lawlaugh



Hello, Oak Class!smiley

Please see the new plan below with the correct maths pages added!

Well done on another successful week where we've seen some super work produced. It was lovely to see your excellent work for the 100 Great Black Britons project and I know you had fun doing it. Congratulations to Kenan for his triumph at table tennis - three games won in a row! Next week we're lucky enough to have an archery session booked in for each group. This week was the last of the Positive Minds units so well done to those of you who took part, and I hope you managed to take something valuable from this.

Below are the plans and documents for next week's work.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, but remember to apply the sun cream when outdoors!

Ms Lawlaugh

Creative Writing

Here are some examples of group two's creative writing, with some wonderful news reports about an unusual floating island...

Creative Writing

The children have been working on some creative writing which they have put together in the form of a report. Their reports are based on their individual responses to a fantasy picture. Here are a few excellent examples...

Welcome to another week, Oak Class!smiley

Well, it's been another great week and I know how much you've all enjoyed working on the 100 Great Black Britons project. Be ready to do your final presentation piece for these. I look forward to seeing them!

I do hope you've all been engaging with the Positive Minds unit - we're now on the final week so if you haven't already, please try to join in. As usual, you can find the PDFs on the main class page, together with the First News Newspaper.

The reading challenge has now started, a month earlier than usual, so please do take part, if you can.

This week is National Sports Week so for your daily active sessions, please try to complete one of the activities. The main document can also be found on the class page.

Enjoy your week, after a well-earned rest at the weekend!

Ms Lawlaugh

Welcome to another week, Oak Class!smiley

Well, another week of fun and hard work - well done to you all! Can I just say how impressed I was with your creative writing - I can see that your skills are still very much intact. I was also pleased to see how well you worked on the Maths Mysteries, completing the clue tasks efficiently, sometimes with a few reminders about strategies. Again, well done. Table tennis and Charades seem to have become an enjoyable part of our final session of the day with much, socially-distanced, fun had by all. Please feel free to suggest an alternative to Charades, or get your thinking caps on over the weekend for some good books, films and plays for next week.

Below are the class plans and PDFs that you will need for the First News newspaper and Positive Minds activities. Remember that the work in red will be completed in the classroom. Please also remember to send photographs of work or activities done at home and you might  be in next week's newsletter!

Have a great weekend,

Ms Lawlaugh

Greetings, Oak Class!

Well, it was lovely to have so many of you back in school last week, and you all seemed to have a great time, whilst following the guidance to keep us all safe. So a very well done to you all! We were very lucky with the weather as well - I think it may continue to be a little cooler and wetter next week, but on a positive note, the ground really does need some rain.blush

Below you'll find the plan for next week, as well as the PDFs you'll need. Please do try to do the Positive Minds activities so that you can share your ideas when you're back in school. Also make sure you click the link for the extra online science measurement activity. I was very impressed with the work Benjamin sent to me from last week's investigation to find out 'whether temperature affects bounce'. Please keep sending photographs of any home learning you want to share - I have posted a few below.

Don't forget, anything in red is to be completed in school so please don't complete it at home.

Have a relaxing weekend and recharge your batteries, ready for another week!

Ms Lawlaugh


Oak Class home learning

Hello again, Oak Class!

I do hope you've all had a lovely half term week and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to school next week. It will be a bit different from what you have been used to, but hopefully it will be fun, and good to see some of your friends again!

On the timetable, some of the work is in red. This will be the work that you will hopefully be completing in the classroom during your time in school this week, if you are returning to school, so please don't complete it at home. I hope you enjoy the home learning tasks.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Lawlaugh

Welcome to the final week of Summer 1, Oak Class!

As always, it has been a pleasure to see all of the hard work you have been producing this week and lovely to hear that so many of you are enjoying it.laugh Just one more week then it will be half term and you can have a well-earned break.

For next week, I'll be adding a second week of work from the Positive Minds scheme, so look out for this. Don't forget that next week is Mental Health Awareness Week, so could you please send me written messages or photographs of any 'acts of kindness'. I'll also be adding an additional science challenge for you to complete.

Still missing having you all in the classroom and around schoolsad, but Keep up the good work, and have fun!

Ms Lawlaugh

PS: Please look in the Gallery for the exciting, ‘Guess the Teacher’ quiz!

PPS: Apologies, I didn't include the answers sheet for task 1 of Positive Minds. You will now find it below.


Some photos of Oak Class's Home Learning.

Welcome to another week, Oak class!

Hello again, and I do hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, with VE day celebrations. Again, thank you for the photographs you sent of your work and well done to everyone for the effort and dedication you've been putting into your learning. You really are a credit to the school! Below you'll find the weekly timetable and again, I've put the First News Newspaper and comprehension on this page. Don't forget to keep sending photographs of some of your work, or anything you've done that you're proud of and I'll pick a few for the weekly newsletter.

I have added a new unit for you at the bottom of the weekly plan called, Positive Minds Online so please look at this and follow the instructions.

Have another good week!

Ms Lawlaugh

Greetings, Oak Class!

Well, here we are again. How are you all?smiley Again, it's been lovely seeing and being able to comment on your work on Purple Mash, and so nice to see that you are engaging with it. Each week I will be submitting a photograph of a piece of your work to appear in the school newsletter, so don't forget to send me a picture of a piece, via the Oak class email, so that I can choose one. Below is this week's home learning plan, and PDFs of the First News newspaper and comprehension, for you to read and complete.

Have a good week and don't forget, it's VE day on Friday!

Ms Lawlaugh


Hello Oak Class on this beautiful Sunny Day!

I do hope you've all had a good week and have been working hard as well as trying to keep active, and have been enjoying the lovely weather. It was great to hear from some of you via the class email and through your Purple Mash work! I am missing our time together in our lovely classroom, and watching you all learn and Below you can find the new timetable for next week, as well as two PDFs of the First News Newspaper and Comprehension. There are also two PDFs for the Science Exercise Diary. 

Keep going, you're doing a great job!

Ms Lawlaugh

Hello again, Oak Class, and welcome to the Summer term!

I do hope you've all had a lovely Easter involving some chocolateheart, as well as kind thoughts for your families, friends and others around the world who are finding things difficult at the momentsmiley. Hopefully you've been keeping fit and healthy, and keeping your brain active. I've been going on long, daily walks and read several books, which I've really enjoyed!

The Summer term starts on Monday and I'm sure you're raring to go! I've put a new timetable onto the school website, which includes a topic activity on 'Purple Mash'. I've seen that some of you have already logged onto it using your passwords sent out by the school office last week, but if you haven't yet logged on, please do to check it out. You can find the activity in the '2Do' section. I'll be putting more work on there next week when you've all tried it out.

Well, I hope you're all looking forward to the new term!

Ms Lawlaugh


Happy Easter to Oak Class!

Hello again after another week of hard work, and fun I hope, from you all. It's been, as you can imagine, very quiet at school without you and you have all been truly missed. Still, it must be good to be able to spend more time with your families. I have been busy either teaching or catching up with endless paperwork wink though I must say, it's nice to have the time to do it! 


Well, we've finally come to the end of the Spring term, which was unfortunately cut short but I know that your endless enthusiasm for learning will have kept you going over the last two weeks. I won't be setting any extra work for over the Easter break, but please continue with your Maya Civilisation topic as there is a lot there for you to be getting on with. Try and put it all together as a project booklet if you are able, including photographs of anything you've made that you can't physically stick inwink such as Maya wraps. I'll be posting more work on here in two weeks for after the Easter break.

So, Happy Easter to all of you and your families (I hope you have saved your cream eggs until Easter Sunday, as instructed) and stay safe and well,

Ms Law






Oak Class - Hello to you all!

I have missed you all this week, no really, I have! Those lovely beaming smilessmiley, and lively chatter.wink

I do hope you've all had a good week and worked hard on, and enjoyed, the tasks I set for you - even taught your parents a few things?

I've taken some photos of your still life art and put them on this page for your families to see (though a few of you weren't able to finish them).

I've also added the lesson plan for next week beginning 30/03/20, and will be sending you all login details for Charanga music.

Well, keep up the good work, and try to have fun, stay fit and healthy, and stay safe.

Missing you!

Ms Law


Extracting DNA from strawberries - Thank you Mrs Knowles!

World Book Day 2020 - Journey by Aaron Becker

Carol Singing at Knebworth Care Home

Year 6 Carol Singing at Monread Care Home

Moving Vehicles

Electronics Workshop November 2019

Oak Class Assembly November 19