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Redwood (year 3)

Welcome to Redwood Class

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Week Commencing 13th July 2020

Hello Redwood


Well Done for your excellent work this week. I have really enjoyed reading your Secret of Black Rock sentence stacks. They were full of description and beautifully written. Your Rangoli art was fun and bright and your extreme weather posters were full of fascinating facts. 


So this takes us into our last week together. A very strange last week but one I think (and hope) we are all very excited about. I am looking forward to seeing all your happy faces this week for some fun and hearing about what you have been getting up to through out lockdown. 


The votes have been counted and verified (by Mr E smiley) and there are winners of the Redwood 2020 House Cup. Please remember that what ever the outcome is you have all been working exceptionally hard, you have all persevered and kept going through an uncertain time and I am proud of you all! 


I have set work this week however I understand that the majority of you are returning to school for two days. I do not expect you to complete everything. I have not put end dates on the Purple Mash tasks either so these can be completed past this Thursday.


At this point I would usually say I am thinking of you all but I can now say


T Minus ONE day


Best Wishes

Mrs E 

Week Commencing 6th July 2020

House Leaders

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Hello Redwood,


Here we are in our penultimate week together. Can you believe a year has gone by this quickly? I know that I can't. Your work has been excellent this week. I have enjoyed reading about what you would like to be when you grow up, your research on Ada Lovelace and what you have found out about climate change. You have all kept going this week earning more house points than any other week. As you can see from the video, one house flew in this week to scoop top place. This week coming will be the last to earn house points. I will announce which house won 'The Redwood 2020 House Cup' next week at school!!


This week you will be carrying on with your weather research, looking at extreme weather patterns. You will also be creating your own beautiful Rangoli Art patterns which is linked with the symmetry and line work you will be doing in maths. In English the Secret of Black Rock was voted in second place, you will find a powerpoint of activities linked to this book on Purple Mash. I would like you try writing your own sentence staking paragraphs full of description.


As you all know this point in the year would be our transition (surprise). I would like you to create a poster for the new year 3s letting them know what they will be getting up to next year and also if you have any questions about Year 4 that I can ask Miss Prentice and Mrs Cox for you. 


I have seen that some of you had a go at the Rainbow Games this week, if you play any of the games then please do not forget to send me some pictures. I have received a lot of self portraits from you all however, if you have not yet had a chance please send them in by Wednesday latest. 


As always I am thinking of you all 

T Minus 7 days....eeek!!

Mrs E 






Week Commencing 29th June 2020

House Cup Leaders

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Hello Redwood,


I hope you have all had a fantastic week and enjoyed the sunshine. This week I have been shouted at a lot by your Howlers! They were brilliant. I really enjoyed reading them all. Who knew you were all so good at writing cross letters wink We have now finished the Harry Potter unit and I wanted to say that even though we were not in the classroom, you managed to still make it fun, full of imagination and your enthusiasm throughout did not waver. Thank you for all your hard work! If you have any final pieces of work or images please send them over as I will be adding them all to a montage. Now...the next book!! The overwhelming majority voted for.....DAVID WALLIAMS. Instead of choosing just one book I will be instead setting tasks from different books over the next few weeks. First up...SLIME!


In maths you will be looking at 3D shapes. The Design and Technology work you have been completing should help with some of this work. There are purple mash activities and mastery work uploaded on to the 'work' folder. There is also a maths challenge. Please have a go and I can send you the answers. 


You will also be carrying on with Biomes, this time it is about climate. What is it and how is it effecting our planet. There is also a very secretive and special art task. If you have a year 6 sibling you may need to pretend you are on a secret mission that no one else must know about. 


The most exciting news I've received in the past 12 weeks is that you're all coming back for 2 days!! I can't wait to see you all. I'm hoping to make these days as fun as possible, if there are any activities you might like to do then send them over and I will see if I can fit them in.


Please do not forget to let me know if you would like to take your books home with you so I can prepare them for you. 


As always I am thinking of you all...T Minus 15 days!! 

Mrs E 



Week Commencing 22nd June 2020

A Very Exciting Message from Paul Harris

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Leaders 15.6.2020.mp4

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Hello Redwood Ravers!


All the documents have been uploaded on to Purple Mash this week as I believe Voldemort has cast a spell on my upload button!


Firstly, a MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Love and Arthur who got in touch with Paul Harris. He has sent us a really exciting message and knows that we were doing his wand choreography last week laugh


Another fantastic week for you all. The work I have been receiving both on Purple Mash and by email has been creative, inspiring and full of thought. You have all blown me away with your enthusiasm this half term. Well Done everyone, you have deserved every house point you have earned. All good things must come to an end and this will be the last week of Harry Potter (Boo!! Hiss!!). However, I am leaving the next book unit in your hands. On your planning this week there are three book choices. Choose which one you would like to do and send me a little note. The one with the most votes will begin next Monday. 


For your last week of Harry Potter you are sending Hermione a howler from Dumbledore, you have found the Mirror of Erised and Quirrell has set another trap. You will also be making and evaluating your final product for the Weasley's shop. Please send me any work you are proud of. I will be making a montage on here of all the work you have done so you can see each others. It is selfish of me to keep it to myself when it is so brilliant smiley


There is a new comprehension task on Purple Mash this weekend called Alien Hotel and this week in Maths you are looking at perimeter. For the next four weeks we will also be studying Biomes (weather/climate) on Earth. 


House Points will continue and as you can see on the video it is still open to any house. One excellent piece of work can earn up to 5 House Points as well as multiple pieces of work completed! 


Happy Birthday to Erin on Tuesday. I hope you have a lovely day celebrating. 


As always I am thinking of you all

Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs E 

Week Commencing 15th June 2020

House Leaders Week 2.mp4

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Hello Witches and Wizards of Redwood,


This has been a fantastic week. The effort and the work you have produced this week has impressed me so much. Your writing has been full of description and I did not see one banned word anywhere, your non-chronological reports were some what scary but full of imagination and your meals for the astronauts sounded delicious. I am pleased to also say that those of you that took on the TTRS challenge...We Won! This week we are against Beech and the battle is live now!!


An additional Well Done has to be given to the Gryffindor team who worked together (at a social distance) to create an entire map of Hogwarts. It is brilliant and will be up in our classroom.


On to this week. We are taking History of Magic with Professor Trelawny, Forest School with Professor Sprout and this week you also become Ollivander's Apprentice and take part in a Wizarding Duel. Please do not worry if you are not completing all the tasks or if you miss one. Please do what you can and send any pieces of work to me that you are proud of. I am really enjoying seeing what you are getting up to. There are as always tasks on purple mash that I will feedback on.


Happy Birthday to Isla this week. I hope you have a fantastic day and you get to eat lots of cake. I look forward to seeing what you got up to.


Lastly, Well Done Gryffindor for leading the House Cup this week. Next week I will release the points each team has won so far. It is still in reach for everyone.


As always I am thinking of you all.

Take Care and Be Safe

Professor Egerton



Week Commencing 8th June 2020

House Cup Leaders.mp4

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Hello Redwood,


I hope you have all enjoyed your first week at Hogwarts and are ready for another week. I have really enjoyed reading your work, your writing has been full of description and imagination and I can really see how much you all enjoy Harry Potter. I have also received some wonderful photos of you dressed up and even in a cupboard under the stairs. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the coming week.


Well Done to Slytherin this week, you are currently leading the House Cup, but it is all to play for. Only 5 points stand between Slytherin and those in fourth place. Can a different house lead by next week?


This week you have two new Professors, Professor Newt Scamander and Professor Aurora Sinistra. They will be taking you for Care of Magical Creatures and Astrology. Some of you may recognise Professor Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You will also be examining the products that are sold within Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, helping Harry, Ron and Hermione spend their money in Diagon Alley and looking extremely close at Hedwig. Please do not worry if you miss a days English work, I have mapped it out as a guide to help you through the week.


Excellent work this week Redwood. I am so impressed! Thank you to all the Parents for making this such a good week and really getting involved. 


As always I am thinking of you all and miss being in the classroom with you. 

Take Care and Keep Safe

Professor Egerton




Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Welcome to Hogwarts.mp4

Still image for this video

Welcome to Hogwarts Redwood,

The term you have all been waiting for has arrived and although it may be slightly different than we had all planned for, I am hoping we can still have just as much fun. 


When Harry, Ron and Hermione arrive at Hogwarts School they are sorted into their houses. On the video above, The Sorting Hat has sorted all of you in to a house which you will be in for the next 6 weeks. Just like at Hogwarts you will be collecting house points to eventually win the house cup at the end of term. Each week I will announce who is leading. Everything counts towards earning points...exceptional Purple Mash work, Rewards on Purple Mash, Virtual Golden Moments and emails of what you have been doing are just a few ways to earn points! 


This week in English you will be writing as if you are in the book yourselves. I have uploaded a powerpoint and chapters of the story onto Purple Mash to support your work. You will also be taking a Potions lesson with Professor Snape to learn about capacity and a Herbology lesson with Professor Sprout to learn about nutrition. 


Throughout May and now June, J K Rowling is releasing her new childrens book, 'The Ickabog', for free. This is the first book for children she has written since Harry Potter. Two chapters are being released a day so there will be plenty for you to catch up on if you have not already started. You can find the book at Let me know if you enjoy it, I've already started it and it is just as magical as Harry Potter.


I hope you have all had a well deserved break and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Happiest of Birthdays to Matthew and Harry S. I hope you both had fantastic days. 


Did any of you watch the historic Space X launch on Saturday night and see it in the night sky? It was pretty cool! 


My fingers are crossed that with the gradual reopening of schools we might get a few weeks back in the classroom but for now as always I am thinking of you all.


Take Care and Keep Safe

Professor Egerton

Week Commencing 18th May 2020

Hello Redwood Rebels, 


I need to start by saying a big thank you from Stanley, he really appreciates that you were all able to guide me to add his muscles so that he can now move. You did a fantastic job and I've seen that so many of you took on the challenge of adding the organs. I've read excellent descriptions on the muscles, the different types and what their main jobs are. You're all becoming scientific experts on the human body. We are now on to my favourite science lesson on the whole year...SURVIVAL!! 


Unfortunately the Redwood Holiday has taken a turn for the worse and we are all stranded on a deserted island. There is a weeks worth of activities for you to research how we will all stay alive and get off the island. I am really looking forward to seeing your ideas. If we had been in the classroom we would have been building camps, fighting poisonous animals and finding water for survival...maybe you could do this at home.


This week at St Michael's we are focusing on Kindness. We have already completed the 20 Days of Kindness Challenge making us experts at this but now I would like you to do this at home. There is a booklet in the 'work' folder on Purple Mash to give you some ideas. Please send me a message with all the Kindness Acts you complete. I have our strips of paper ready to make our paper chain. Can we beat the last one and do more than 150 acts in 20 days! 


I have set up a blog on Purple Mash for you to upload anything you are up to and for you to comment on other peoples posts. It is under the 'Sharing' icon at the top of the Purple Mash screen. 


This week brings us to the end of this half term. I have to say that I am so proud with how all of you have kept your spirits up, keeping in touch and looking out for each other and how you have carried on working just as hard as you do in the classroom.


I look forward to the next MAGICAL half term with you all. 


Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs E...and Stanley 

Week Commencing 11th May 2020

Hello Rocking Redwood,


I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely sunny Bank Holiday Weekend. Did you get up to any nice activities related to VE Day? If so make sure you send through some photos for me to share with everyone. My daughters made a scrumptious afternoon tea for us was delicious. 


This week there are no activities in the books you took home from school. This is because we will be looking at measurement in Maths and recapping nouns and prefixes in English grammar. There are as always activities for you to do daily in the 'Work' folder on Purple Mash. 


In science it is time to add on the muscles to your skeletons. I would like you to research how they help us move. If you are after a tricky challenge I have also included the organs of the human body for you to add on. Make sure you send me through the answers so I know where to put Stanley's, he is looking forward to finally being able to move by the end of this week. 


Your work on the Saxons this half term has been terrific. I have found out so much from you all; where the name Hertfordshire comes from, why Alfred was so great and where Harry Sturgess' surname came from smiley. I know that we all love Horrible Histories so I am challenging you to write a script for a scene in a show based on Saxon Life. Give it your best shot...I bet they will all be hilarious.


As always I am thinking of you all, I miss you all and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get back in the classroom soon.


Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs E

Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Hi Redwood. 

What a week! You have all been working so hard. I have been so impressed with the effort that you have been putting in and you've all been teaching me such fantastic facts about different animal skeletons. Above,  I have put together a slide show of some of the work which has been emailed or handed in this week. Please keep sending any work you are proud of.


 The Redwood Loo Roll Challenge was my highlight this week. It was a lovely surprise to receive the video of you and to see that you are looking well and happy. I hope you have found some fun activities to do inside this week after the sunshine disappeared. 


This week you will be researching the artistic technique called Pointillism and having a go at it yourselves, finding out how joints help us move (Stanley is waiting for you to help him label his joints) and how the Saxons named a lot of the places we know today as Counties. 


Keep your eye on the Beech page this week. Mrs Woods will be reading Michael Morpurgo's 'Born to Run' every week day so that you can have the opportunity to relax, switch off and enjoy the wonderful story about a very special dog.  


Lastly, Happy Birthday to Abi and Ellie-May this week. I hope you have a wonderful day and eat lots of birthday cake. 


Miss you all 

Please Take Care and Stay Safe

Mrs E 


P.S Thank you to all the parents. You're doing a fantastic job!! 




Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Hello Redwood,


Introducing Stanley the Skeleton who is extremely cheeky. He stole my sunglasses and my cup of tea when my back was turned and went to tan his bones in my garden! I've been so impressed with all the work you have completed this week you have been working exceptionally hard. Your fact files on King Alfred and the Human Skeleton were full of interesting and curious facts. Please keep hold of your skeletons if you have made them as we will be adding more body parts through out this half term. 


Please make sure you are checking the 'Redwood Rocks' notice board where I am pinning your work for others to see. 


The grammar work in the '2Do' folder does not disappear or let you hand your work in. This is because you will need to keep retrying the quiz throughout the week to beat your score and time. It also looks like you all became time wizards over the last week. This week you will be revisiting place value and I believe a few of you may be interested in our English work this week!!! 


In history and science I would like you to research the invasion of the Anglo Saxons and the different types of skeletons living creatures have. Be sure to email me any work you are proud of, I have enjoyed receiving it this week.


STEM Club this week involves a hand washing construction, the Earth Day towers were imaginative and held a lot of Lego smiley


As always I am missing you lots and thinking of you all during this time. 

Keep Safe and Take Care

Mrs E 



Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Hello Redwood and welcome back to the Summer Term.


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, that you haven't eaten too much chocolate and that you have all been enjoying the sunshine. I definitely ate too much chocolate wink Firstly, Happy (belated) Birthday to Zach I hope you had a fun birthday and wishing Oliver and Nathaniel a Happy Birthday for this coming week. 


Over the Easter holidays you will have received your Purple Mash log in details. I have now set English, Maths and Topic work for you in the '2Do' and 'work' folders. If you are unsure about how to access this I have uploaded a 'how to' below this message. Don't forget to submit or email me work you are particularly proud of, I always love to see your work. In addition to this you can still use your SPaG and Abacus books to complete work. 


This half term we will be learning about The Saxons and Animals including Humans...first tasks are to build a skeleton and to find out why Alfred was so Great!! 


STEM Club is back!!! I have uploaded a task to Purple Mash related to Earth Day, I look forward to seeing your engineering work. 


Well done everyone for persevering through this time. I hear you have been keeping in contact with each other via some (very noisy) zoom meetings smiley.


Continue to Stay Safe and Take Care.

As always I am thinking of you and can't wait for us to be back in the classroom together.


Mrs E

Hippity Hop...We made it to Easter!

For a termly or yearly overview of what we will be learning this academic year, please see 'what we learn/curriculum'.


Science Week - making a tree without using any glue or sellotape! 11.3.20

We have been investigating prefixes and suffixes

Speed of Light

We have been looking at light and dark and how we need light in order to see. We began by conducting an experiment where we investigated how much light we needed in order to see items in a box. We noticed that we needed a lot of holes because one hole only let through a small amount of light.

Next we made Rainbow Whizzing Wheelers to investigate the colours of the spectrum which make white light.

Isaac's Rainbow Whizzing Wheel

Still image for this video
Redwood Romans
In Redwood class this term we have been learning about the Roman Empire. To link in with our topic Redwood had a Roman Day. In the morning they made fresco paintings, mosaics, clay pots and wax tablets. In the afternoon, they took part in Roman dances, plays and feasts. They then took on Boudica and her army by creating a shield wall and finally claiming victory in Britannia. The children all looked fantastic in their costumes and thank you to the parents who joined us.

Making Wildlife Pouches in response to the Australian bush fires

Final Ukulele lesson

Our Art Journeys

In art we have been looking at Aboriginal art work and how it is used to communicate journeys.

We began by looking at the symbols and their meanings, we then moved on to designing our own Aboriginal inspired art. Aboriginal art is made up of thousands of small dots, so to ensure we replicated this we experimented with different tools to see which one made the perfect dots for our art. 

May The FORCE Be With You

This half term in science we will be looking at Forces and Magnets. We began our unit by looking at the forces, push and pull. The class came up with a variety of ways that we use these forces in everyday life and within sport. These included batting a ball, rowing in a canoe and pushing our chairs in. 


'The Resistance' also got in touch to ask if Redwood could investigate the best surface for their new droid, R3D, to travel on. An important experiment as this vital information would lead to the capture of Kylo Ren!

Isla said "Wood would be the best surface for the droid" and the rest of the class agreed. There was a mixed result for the hardest surface with grass and concrete getting as many votes as each other.