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Redwood (year 3)

For a termly or yearly overview of what we will be learning this academic year, please see 'what we learn/curriculum'.


Making Wildlife Pouches in response to the Australian bush fires

Welcome to Redwood Class!



Final Ukulele lesson

Our Art Journeys

In art we have been looking at Aboriginal art work and how it is used to communicate journeys.

We began by looking at the symbols and their meanings, we then moved on to designing our own Aboriginal inspired art. Aboriginal art is made up of thousands of small dots, so to ensure we replicated this we experimented with different tools to see which one made the perfect dots for our art. 

May The FORCE Be With You

This half term in science we will be looking at Forces and Magnets. We began our unit by looking at the forces, push and pull. The class came up with a variety of ways that we use these forces in everyday life and within sport. These included batting a ball, rowing in a canoe and pushing our chairs in. 


'The Resistance' also got in touch to ask if Redwood could investigate the best surface for their new droid, R3D, to travel on. An important experiment as this vital information would lead to the capture of Kylo Ren!

Isla said "Wood would be the best surface for the droid" and the rest of the class agreed. There was a mixed result for the hardest surface with grass and concrete getting as many votes as each other.