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St Michael's Woolmer GreenVA C of E School

'Shine as Lights in the World'


Our School Vision - Shine as Lights in the World

Our hope is for all our children to have the confidence to use their talents and skills, to make responsible decisions as they learn and grow and contribute positively to the wider world.

The children are encouraged to recognise feelings and emotions in themselves and others, taught through the 'Zones of Regulation’. We have one golden rule in our school – to treat others in the same way you expect to be treated. This helps us to establish our community as an inclusive and supportive environment with nurture and wellbeing at its core.   

We enhance dignity through our curriculum and policies, which are both underpinned by our school values and ‘My Personal Best’. These teach Christian values and core life skills to help the children become the best that they can be; demonstrating resilience, care for others and honesty.

We build wisdom in our pupils by encouraging them to be curious learners, constantly questioning and striving to find the answers, so that they develop into lifelong learners.

Overall Curriculum Intent

We aim to teach about the world around us; the school environment, the local area, as well nationwide and global events. We will do this through subjects such as geography, history, current news and charitable causes.


It is important that children learn to make links in a subject, acknowledging prior learning and become aware of synoptic links between curriculum areas. We will teach the core life skills needed through the ‘My Personal Best’ Programme, which is taught within PSHE and across all subjects.


Children are encouraged to be ‘curious learners’ through our curriculum and interactive ways of teaching, allowing their questioning skills and creativity to develop over time.


Christian values are a very important aspect of our school, where children can develop an understanding of themselves and others in our community. These values underpin the British values of Democracy, Respect and Tolerance, Rule of Law and Individual Liberty.


Our children are able to ‘Shine as Lights in the World’ as we offer a wide curriculum, especially through PE and Music which gives an opportunity for all children to make the most of all their talents and achieve their aspirations.


Our School Values

We have 11 school values at St Michael's which, together with My Personal Best ((MPB), are embedded within our school ethos. These are honesty, sharing, courage, love, peace, perseverance, friendship, hope, cooperation, trust and appreciation. For more information about how we include them in our daily school lives, please click on the link below:



My Personal Best

Healthy Me, Thinking Me and Social Me. It's about being the best that you can be!


This is an initiative set up by the Youth Sport Trust, which is a national charity working to ensure every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from playing sport. The aim is to achieve the personal development of the whole child through PE, giving them skills that they can transfer into other lessons, to life in school and to their wider environment.


The scheme is structured around the key themes of Thinking Me, Social Me and Healthy Me, which will help the children to:


  • Develop and apply life skills that will support them to flourish in PE, school and life in general.
  • Improve health & wellbeing and personal skills
  • Grow understanding and working with others (social skills)
  • Create opportunities, overcome challenges and make choices (thinking skills)
  • Increase their potential achievement and readiness for life





For details of what the children in Reception will be learning please click on the link below, to their individual class page, where Mrs Wombwell will post weekly overviews.



Class Yearly Overviews:


At St Michael's we use the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme to teach phonics to Reception and KS1. Click on the links below to find out more about this programme and the order in which the sounds are taught.



Subject Curriculum Statements: