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St Michael's Woolmer GreenVA C of E School

'Shine as Lights in the World'


Curriculum Vision

We aim to teach about the world around us; the school environment, the local area, as well nationwide and global events. We will do this through subjects such as geography, history, current news and charitable causes.


It is important that children learn to make links in a subject, acknowledging prior learning and become aware of synoptic links between curriculum areas. We will teach the core life skills needed through the ‘My Personal Best’ Programme, which is taught within PSHE and across all subjects.


Children are encouraged to be ‘curious learners’ through our curriculum and interactive ways of teaching, allowing their questioning skills and creativity to develop over time.


Christian values are a very important aspect of our school, where children can develop an understanding of themselves and others in our community. These values underpin the British values of Democracy, Respect and Tolerance, Rule of Law and Individual Liberty.


Our children are able to ‘Shine as Lights in the World’ as we offer a wide curriculum, especially through PE and Music which gives an opportunity for all children to make the most of all their talents and achieve their aspirations. This includes our children with additional needs. Please go to our SEND page.

Phonics at St Michael's

At St Michael's have always used the 'Letters and Sounds' approach to teach phonics to Reception and KS1. In January 2022 we bought the DFE approved Twinkl Phonics, which is a fully comprehensive, synthetic phonics teaching programme, as our scheme. It is delivered through the stories and adventures of Kit, Sam and the Twinkl Phonics Family. The scheme builds and develops the skills and understanding children need to become effective, independent readers and writers.

Twinkl Phonics will provide a cohesive whole school approach, building continuously on prior learning. By following one scheme we will be able to establish a progressive, consistent phonics curriculum where children will progress and succeed.

To create as many multisensory hooks as possible Twinkl Phonics uses a set of mnemonics, actions and songs that link to each sound within levels 2 and 3. See below.