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Welcome to our Governors’ section

Our Governing Body actively contributes its skills and expertise to provide strong strategic leadership to support and challenge the School in equal measure. Although this is a voluntary role, Governors have a vital role in ensuring the promotion of high standards of performance and ensuring that resources are well used.


We have two principal sub-committees: Finance and Resources and Learning and Pupil Progress. The responsibilities of the Finance and Resources Committee include, but are not limited to: Finance, Performance Related pay, Human Resources, Health and Safety, the School Buildings and site, Admissions, the Environment for Learning, Safeguarding. The responsibilities of the Learning and Pupil Progress Committee include, but are not limited to: Tracking and Monitoring of School Data, the Curriculum, Pupil Progress, the Quality of Teaching, Safeguarding, SEND, maintaining our Distinctive Christian Ethos. Both committees are involved with the reviewing and adopting of policies


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories  and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Appointing Body

Term of Office


Link Areas

Mrs Jan MartinHead TeacherUntil superseded

Full Governing Body,

Finance and Resource,

Learning and Pupil Progress, Complaints.

Curriculum, Ofsted, External Advice.
Mrs Debbie May

PCC Governor *

Chair of Governors

17th September 2022 -

16th September 2026

Full Governing Body,

Learning and Pupil Progress, Finance and Resource, Admissions,


Safeguarding, Early Years, SEND, Pupil Premium, LAC, Early Reading.

Mrs Gail Lumsden

PCC Governor *

Chair of the Learning and Pupil Progress Committee.

26th November 2021- 25th November 2025

Full Governing Body,

Learning and Pupil Progress,


SIAMS and RE, Maths, Wellbeing.

Rev. Christie GilfeatherPCC Governor *

3rd July 2022 -

2nd July 2026

Full Governing Body,

Learning and Pupil Progress,


Collective Worship.
Mrs Karen Wallace-PoultneyPCC Governor *18th January 2023 - 17th January 2027

Full Governing Body,

Learning and Pupil Progress, Admissions,


Mrs Ashley CordellPCC Governor*

4th December 2023 - 3rd December 2027

Full Governing Body,

Learning and Pupil Progress.

Geography, History, Art.

Rev. David MunchinEx Officio Governor *Until superseded

Full Governing Body,

Finance and Resource,


SIAMS Advisory, Distinctive Christian Ethos, RE, Collective Worship.

Mrs Stella Dunlop

LEA Governor

Chair of the Finance and Resource Committee.

1st November 2018 -

31st October 2022

Full Governing Body,

Finance and Resource.

Website, Community Relationships,

The Friends, Environmental Issues, Health and Safety, Buildings and Premises.

Mr Tawanda HondoraParent Governor5th December 2022 - 4th December 2026

Full Governing Body,

Finance and Resource.


Mrs Leah Peters

Staff Governor

7th March 2022 - 6th March 2026.

Full Governing Body,

Learning and Pupil Progress, Admissions.

Admissions, Interventions, Curriculum Days.

Mr Jay NairDBE Governor*23rd March 2023 - 22nd March 2027Full Governing Body, Finance and Resource.Science.
Mrs Abigail SeeleyClerk to GovernorsUntil superseded

Full Governing Body,

Finance and Resource,

Learning and Pupil Progress, Complaints.



Governors Whose Term of Office Expired, or Who Retired in the Last 12 Months

Mrs Rachel StringerCo-opted Governor, Chair of Governors

3rd December 2019 -

25th September 2023

Full Governing Body,

Finance and Resource,

Learning and Pupil Progress, Chair of Admissions Committee.

Parent Communications,

Marketing, English, Art, History, Music, Admissions.


* Foundation Governors

Register of Interests

Below is a record of the register of interests of the Governing Body including business interests, details of any other educational establishments they govern and any personal relationships which may conflict with the individual's duties and authority.


Mrs Jan MartinNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Mrs Gail LumsdenNoneNoneSupply teacher at a local primary school.NoneNone
Mrs Debbie MayNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Rev. David MunchinNoneNoneNoneNoneChair of Governors at a local primary school.
Mrs Stella DunlopNoneNoneNoneParent of children at the School.None
Mrs Ashley CordellNoneNoneTeacher at local primary schoolParent of children at the School.None
Mr Tawanda HondoraNoneNoneNoneParent of children at the School. None
Mrs Karen Wallace-PoultneyNoneNoneSBM at a local primary school.NoneNone
Mr Jay NayNone NoneNoneParent of children at the School.None
Mrs Abigail SeeleyNoneNoneTeaching Assistant at the School.NoneNone


Governor Attendance 2022-23

The figures below include Full Governor Body meetings, Finance & Resource Committee meetings and Learning & Pupil Progress committee meetings. For full details of this data please click on the link underneath. 


GovernorNumber of Meetings Attended
Rachel stringer10/12
Jan Martin12/12
Stella Dunlop8/9
Debbie May10/11
Terry Mackie3/3
Rev. David Munchin5/9
Ashley Cordell6/9
Gail Lumsden9/9
Leah Peters9/9
Karen Tasker3/6
Rev. Christie Gilfeather2/9
Karen Wallace-Poultney3/5
Tawanda Hondora2/6
Jay Nair1/3



Governing Body Meeting Dates 

Recent Governor Visits 


Academic Year 2023-2024

March - SIAMS

4th December - Collective Worship


Academic Year 2022-2023

27th June - Science.

20th June - Single Central Record.

20th June - First Aid.

3rd December - Winter Wonderland.

13th October - Art.

3rd October - Early Reading.

29th September - Maths.


Academic Year 2021-2022

8th July - Governors' Afternoon and Sports Day.

12th June - Fix Up Day.

30th June - New Reception Parents' Evening.

27th June - History, Early Years, Science.

23rd May - IT and E-Safety.

18th May - SEND, Pupil Premium, Well Being.

24th April - The Friends.

12th April - Health and Safety.

21st January - Interview.

Governor Communications

Governors report regularly to parents either by way of newsletters or presentations at parent consultations.  Please see below for recent examples.

Parent Questionnaire

Regularly, the parents are asked to complete a questionnaire that reflects the Ofsted standards.  The responses are then analysed and presented to the parents by the Governors.  Please see below for the most recent questionnaire results.


Collective Worship and Christmas Services



The governors have been delighted to attend, collective worship and special Christmas services this term, Autumn 2023.


As RE and SIAMs link governor I was pleased to attend a Monday morning collective worship in November 2023, led by Mrs Martin, where the theme was the current Christian value, Courage. The time together to worship was clearly special to the children; they all entered quietly and respectfully. The worship was started with a reference to the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and was ended with a similar blessing. There is some amazing art work by the children in the reception area which has been inspired by their discussions of the Trinity which I recommend you look out for if you haven’t seen it already.


Through the telling of part of the story of Moses, Mrs Martin inspired the children to think of the times when they had needed to be courageous and how they could show similar courage to that of Moses, in school and in out of school situations.


As we came to pray there were many children who volunteered to lead us in prayer. It is very uplifting that our children are so confident to pray together and to form their own prayers.


On Monday 4th December 2023 I was delighted to attend the Key Stage 1 Nativity. It was an enthralling telling of the Nativity story in which the Year 1 and Year 2 children took part. There had clearly been a huge amount of preparation and practice by the children to produce such a polished performance of story telling and singing. The recorded narrations blended well with the stage action and the singing was that of a well-practised choir.; the costumes were absolutely wonderful. I would like to thank the teachers, Mrs Egerton and Mr Seery, and teaching assistants, Ms Greenwood and Mrs Edge, for the motivation and encouragement which they gave to the children. The production was very well supported by parents and carers who, like me, marvelled at the commitment and level of detail whilst enjoying a laugh along the way too.


Reception Class Nativity


I was delighted to be invited to the Nativity performance on Tuesday 12th December 2023 presented by our Reception children.  The children sang, spoke, danced and played musical instruments in their 'Going on a Bear Hunt' inspired telling of the Christmas story.  What a delight it was to witness the joy, not only that the children displayed in delivering their performance, but also that of parents, carers and families gathered to watch.  The children showed such confidence in front of a large audience that filled the school hall. They were a credit to their parents and carers and the nurturing and motivational support that they are given by the class teacher, Mrs Peters and classroom assistant, Miss Wilson.  It was truly an honour to see our youngest children shining so bright!


Carol Service


What a wonderful Carol service with KS2 – the children filtered into church superbly behaved and really sang their hearts out.  The whole service was just so atmospheric and gorgeous - the lovely clear readings from year 6, the beautiful singing of Douce Nuit (Silent Night in French) and the superb singing and ukulele playing from years 3, 4 and 5. The service was then finished off with Gail, our governor, doing a lovely reading and some poems written and read by two year 6 children.  I was lucky enough to attend both services and it was just as special the second time through.

How to contact the Governors

The Governors can be contacted directly using the email address