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'Shine as Lights in the World'

Sycamore (reception)

Here are the resources and plannig for the last week. You're very nearly there (children and parents) one more week and then it's the summer holidays. Have a good last week everyone!

Hi Everyone. Here are the resources for w/c 22.6.20. The theme is Little Red RidingHood. One of the suggested activities is to write a shopping list for a picnic to then use if you go shopping or internet shopping. I've also said you could make some cakes for 'grandma' (or yoursleves :) ) so you may want to get some ingredients for this. We hope it's all going well and we're enjoying seeing your photos. Have a good weekend and week ahead.

Hi Everyone, we had another busy two days in school this week. The children have enjoyed focussing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and in school we really loved constructing a bed for Goldilocks.

I know lots of people have been just as busy at home as well. I've seen some great pictures of bear heads, beds for Goldilocks and lots of lovely writing too. Next week we will be focussing on The Gingerbread Man, so you may want to buy some ingredients to make these or buy some ginger biscuits. One of the suggested activities is also to make a boat for the Gingerbread Man so you may want to save some recycling for this activity. I'll upload all the plans at the end of the week again. Enjoy the rest of your week smiley 

Mrs Wombwell

Hi Everyone, It was really lovely to see the children who are returning to school this week. You were all so sensible, enthusiastic and patient with all the funny and strange changes in our world at the minute and you really were doing your best to 'social distance' and to stay in our 'bubble'. You should be proud of yourselves.

We enjoyed doing the yoga out in the sunshine as well as learning about story of The Three Little Pigs. Please do just continue to do the other activities suggested on the overview over the next few days.

We continue to miss those that are being home schooled but I've seen some lovely pictures of your brilliant learning as well, so a big well done to you as well.

I've been busy planning for next week and we are going to focus on Goldilocks and the Three bears. I will put the planning and various resources up on the website at the end of the week but one of the suggested activities is to make porridge with different toppings so I wanted to give you a 'heads up' in case you needed to put these on your shopping list smiley

See you soon!

Good Afternoon everyone. I hope you all had a good half term, the weather has treated us well.


I just wanted to write a little note in case there was anyone feeling a little worried or anxious about coming back to school tomorrow. I thought I'd give you a little information about our day tomorrow.

So first things first Mrs Wright and I are looking forward to seeing you all and your super smiley faces. We have decided as the weather is nice we will start the day with an outdoor yoga session lead by me. So we will go to the field, take our shoes and socks off and feel the grass between our toes. Afterwards we are going to have a little discussion about any favourite memories of the last few weeks at home as well as anything that worries us. Then it will be playtime and each bubble has its own playground zone. Ours is our sycamore outdoor area as well as the bit of playground outside this. Then once we have played we will make a little 'worry doll' in case we do get little worries in our time at school then we can tell our worry doll. We will try to do this outside again, hoping it won't be too windy for our resources :).


Afterwards we will head inside for our numberblocks maths lesson. At this point we may be using the year 1 classroom as well just to make sure there is enough space for us. Then it will be lunchtime and in the afternoon we will have another playtime and focus on our Three Little Pigs work. There may be a time that myself and Mrs Wright will be wearing a plastic visor but you will still see our silly faces through it :)


Don't forget to bring your named water bottle and of course your smile because we'll be there to greet you with ours.


We will miss those who will continue to be home schooled but we'll try and put some pictures up at some point on the website for you to see us.


See you soon everyone.


Mrs Wombwell

Hi Everyone. Here are the resources for next week. I have published the plans on here for the 2 days some of the children are in so you can follow these too if you are homeschooling. There is the afternoon planning, maths planning, the three little pigs (English) as well as the corresponding resources. When you open up the numberblocks powerpoint you need to select read only. You will find the episode on iplayer. There are also a few activities on mini mash. I hope it all works and makes as much sense as possible. Have a good week :)

Hello Everyone, I loved seeing your symmetrical butterfly pictures this week as well as the models of the hungry caterpillar. It looks like some of you made some tasty fruit salads as well.

So, you have got a 3 day weekend now and it looks like the weather is going to be lovely for Friday and Saturday, I know a lot of you will be in those paddling pools. I hope you enjoy it as you all deserve it after your hard week of working. It's Mr Wombwell's Birthday on the Friday so I'm going to bake him a yummy cake and some scones and we're going to eat it all in the sunshine in the garden. We can't wait!! I hope you all have a good weekendsmiley

Part 2 of the video

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A little video from Mrs Wombwell to everyone in Sycamore Part 1

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Sycamore at Home Part 1

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The class have made a lovely video for all to see..

Sycamore Video Part 2

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Hi Everyone,

Wow another week has gone by and I can tell you've been really busy just by looking at all the wonderful activities you've been doing on mini mash. Well done everyone! I have tried to make a comment on your work so please check and if you can't read it, ask your parents or carers to read it to you smiley

If you are struggling to access the work through mini mash and you have stuck to pen and paper then I'm also happy to receive photos of any work through emails. I can then write a little comment back. Some of the pictures I have seen this week have really brightened up my day as I'm missing everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Wombwell

Here is our work for week commencing 27.4.2020

Here are the suggested activities for this week along with some Purple Mash & Mini Mash instructions I've put together for you, please give them a read and hopefully they will help.

Hello Everyone in Sycamore and all the parents and carers!

I hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter break, it was so lovely to have some nice weather and to be able to get outside in the garden wasn't it? I'm sure lots of you got your paddling pools out and had water fights smiley.

I've planned lots of fun things for you to do but this time most of it includes using a computer or tablet so hopefully this will add something fun and different for you. It will also let me see some of the lovely, amazing work you do.

Have a good week everyone!

Mrs Wombwell


Hi Sycamore Class,


I know you've all been working hard this week so well done for taking part in some of the suggested activities.

I'm currently planning more things for you to learn about over next half term and I will let you know all the ideas before you start back in 2 weeks time.

In the meantime I want to wish everyone a lovely Easter break. Hopefully the sun will come out a bit more and we can get out into our gardens again.


Stay happy, healthy and of course helpful to all your parents and carers.


Mrs Wombwell

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all been enjoying learning in this lovely sunny weather. Here are some more ideas for w/c 30.3.2020. You're all in my thoughts and I know you are working so hard to show your parents and carers how brilliant your writing and number work is :) Keep going Sycamore!!

Hi Everyone,


I hope your Monday went well. The Sycamore children and parents and carers have all been on my mind today. I wanted to share a really good link with you all for a teacher that I follow on social media and has his own youtube channel. He says he is going to upload a new phonics lesson everyday and I just watched the first one and really loved it. He will be going over the sounds the children have learned already but that's OK. The link is:


If it doesn't work then his channel is 'Mr MC Early Years' and you can find it on there. He did the digraph 'ar' today. You can pause the video at different points to allow your child to have a go when the time is right.


Please take care and look after yourselves,

Mrs Wombwell




Here are the Early Learning Goals that your child works towards in reception year as well as some extra general ideas you can do at home.

Here are some ideas that the reception children can do for thr next couple of weeks.

Please take a look at what we will be learning about week commencing 16.3.2020

Sophie and Harry are the skipping challenge winners today! Harry managed 15 skips in 1 minute and Sophie managed 22 skips in 1 minute. Well done to both of you!

It was World Book Day today! Take a look at our costumes.

Sycamore went out in the snow today. Lots of us were pretending to be penguins and polar bears. We also enjoyed playing with the snow and making snowballs!

We have been making pancakes and eating them this week. We got to choose our toppings!

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 2.3.2020

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 24.2.2020

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 10.2.2020

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 3.2.2020

We have been reading the story Lost and Found this week. Today we independently made our own boats out of lots of creative resources. We are going to see if they float tomorrow.

The children loved tasting chinese food this week after learning about Chinese New Year. We had prawn crackers, egg fried rice, spring rolls and chicken in sweet and sour sauce.

After writing instructions about 'How to have pyjama party', we had our very own today in Sycamore Class. We put our pyjamas on, brought in a pillow and blanket and even had hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 20.1.2020

This week we have been learning about how new year is celebrated in China in our R.E lessons.

For a termly or yearly overview of what we will be learning this academic year, please see 'what we learn/curriculum'.

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 13.1.2020

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 6.1.20

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 9.12.2019

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 2.12.2019

Sycamore's nativity will be on Friday 13th at 9:30. The nativity is around 30 minutes long and there will be time afterwards to be with the children and take photos. It will take place in our school hall. Tickets will be available soon, we will let you know when they are. Please speak to one of us if you have any questions.

The children loved colour mixing today using shaving foam and food colouring to make marble paper. We are going to use this to make some planets next week.

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 25.11.19

We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all your generous donations for the sponsored trundle the children took part in. Mrs Poultney has done the final count up and the children have raised a massive £553. We are extremely grateful for this and it is much more than we thought we would ever raise so thank you again. We were going to buy some construction materials for the outside area as the children will enjoy these but £553 may allow us to get some other resources as well. We will keep you updated. Thank you again for your continued support with your child's learning.

Please take a look at what we will be learning week commencing 18.11.19

After we have planned our party for the number 5 we will be eating some of the party food on Friday. This will only be sweets without gelatine, nuts or milk in. However, if you do not want your child to have any, please let us know. Many thanks in advance.

Here are some of the children learning about five frames today. They are planning a party for the number 5 and working out if they have enough food for it.

Over the next few weeks we will be continuing with our 'Light and Dark' topic with a focus on Space. If you have any Space books either fiction or non-fiction we would really appreciate them for our 'Space Display'. Please make sure they are named and as always we will do our best to look after them. 

If anyone has any 'Space dressing up clothes' like astronaut suits we would also really appreciate these so we can add them to the role play. 

We will also be trying to encourage the children to make rockets out of junk modelling so if you have any kitchen roll rolls we would be grateful for these.


Many thanks for your continued support with your child's learning.

Please have a look at what we will be learning week commencing 11.11.2019