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St Michael's Woolmer GreenVA C of E School

'Shine as Lights in the World'

School Council

Our School Council hopes to encourage our children to:

  • Develop their confidence in developing their talents and skills
  • Prepare them as active citizens while demonstrating our core values
  • Develop good relationships and respect the differences amongst us all
  • Help our community evolve  by sharing their opinions and ideas with others

Our School Council should give pupils the opportunity to:

  • Plan, organise and partake in small charitable events
  • Practice their speaking and listening skills
  • Budget and manage money
  • Develop their debating skills
  • Present their ideas to their classes or whole school


Class elections will be held every year so that different school representatives have the chance to have their voice heard. Two candidates will be voted in from each class. The school council will then vote in a chair from either Beech or Oak class. 

Our School Councillors 2020/2021

What we hope to achieve as School Councillors

As a school councillor I want to help people if they are hurt - Reggie Year 1


As a school councillor I want to get more money for toys in the classrooms - Ava Year 1


We would like to do lots of charity work and report back to class - Lois  and Albie Year 2


I would like to put smiles on all the children's faces, produce natural products and donate money to the homeless - Oscar Year 3


I would like to help people and make sure they have support when they are upset - Erin Year 3


In school council I would like to speak to my class and come up with suggestions for everything - Arthur Year 4


I would like to make decisions and become more confident around new people. I hope people will be happier with the decisions I make - Mia Year 4


As a school councillor I would like to achieve lots of things. The main thing is to put up nets along the fences to prevents balls from going over the fence. Another thing would be to add more free clubs at lunchtime so if anyone feels lonely they will have multiple clubs to choose from - Jack B Year 5


I hope to achieve a day where we can spend the day planting new trees in the field. I would also like to raise more money for the school - Sofia T Year 5


What I want to achieve as a school councillor is smiles on children's faces. I would like to achieve a greenhouse or somewhere to produce a healthy snack. I would like to donate money and achieve a new school library - Camila Year 6


To make sure everybody is happy at and out of school - Josh Year 5