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Governors' Welcome

Welcome and Welcome Back!  At the start of the new academic year, the Governing Body extend a warm 'welcome back' to all our all parents, children and staff. We hope you have all had an enjoyable summer break. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Martin, our new Headteacher, back to St Michael's this week and we wish her well in her new position.  We also welcome Mrs Fekete, who will teach Year 6 alongside Mrs Leake, and Mrs Wallace-Poultney who will be working in the school office. We hope our new Reception class children enjoy their first week of school and we look forward to meeting all our new families.

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Governor News

Governors visit the school on at least one occasion every term during the school working day. These visits help us gain a greater understanding and insight into school life, learn about the aspirations of our children and to see how the school begins to meet the priorities as set out in the School Improvement Plan. This term we are planning something new, a Governor’s Open Day (well, afternoon strictly). On this occasion the pupils will ‘show case’ some of the work they have been doing this term, talk about what they have been learning and share some of the exciting learning opportunities they have day by day at St Michaels. We are all looking forward to this day enormously.  The visits will be followed by tea and cake with the staff (thanks to Emma Broughton) when we will have the chance to discuss with the staff what we have seen earlier in the day. Finally, we will hold our Full Governing Body meeting on the same evening, a little earlier than normal, and we hope that some of the staff may join us for this. We aim to work as an integral part of the school where senior leaders, staff, parents/carers value the importance of a strong Governing Body just as we, as Governors,  value the outstanding work achieved each and every day by our staff and children. At our Learning and Pupil Progress Meeting on Monday 3rd October we welcomed Stephen Long as our new Chair. Caroline Fincham agreed to act a Vice – Chair and as minute taker (thank you). This was a really positive meeting. We heard how well our Reception children have settled and about their attainment on entry. Miss Tobin is enjoying the new challenge of working with our Reception children and has ordered some new play equipment to support the work she is doing. Mr Mallon was able to present an in depth analysis of the end of Key Stage data including EYFS for both attainment and progress.  The data looks strong when compared with National and Hertfordshire for like schools. Our School Improvement Plan has been reviewed to include any new areas for development following the analysis. Miss Prentice (Deputy Head) attended the meeting and gave Governors feedback on her work so far to develop the new Maths curriculum. Work is continuing to enhance the role of subject leaders. At our Parents Consultation Evening on October 19/20th Governors were really pleased to speak with many parents/carers.  It really helps us develop our knowledge of the school when meeting and talking to you, thank you. By the time you read this your children will have returned to school following the half term break.  I do hope you had enjoyable times whether near or far. My best wishes to you all Sue Gray, Chair.

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14 Years of Thanks to Sue Roberts...

It was with sadness that we said goodbye to Sue Roberts as outgoing Vice Chair. Sue has worked tirelessly on the Governing Body for the past fourteen years.  Sue was instrumental in helping me to reorganise the Governing Body into its present form with the two Committees, Learning and Pupil Progress (LPP) and Finance and Resources (F&R). Her knowledge of the Admissions Process is second to none.  Sue has always taken part in a high level of debate challenging and supporting the school in equal measure.  She embraces the future (certainly something we are constantly required to do in Education), is clear thinking and is never afraid to move forward while negotiating with all parties when changes are necessary.  Sue's wisdom has been appreciated by all who have worked alongside her.  Our thanks go to Sue for her commitment and her contribution. She will be missed.

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Governor news...

The Full Governing Body met for the first time this year on September 26th. As is tradition the beginning of this meeting was spent electing a Chair and Vice Chair and reviewing our committee structures and our roles and responsibilities.  I agreed to act as Chair for a further year and I am very pleased to announce that Rachel Stringer agreed to act as Vice Chair. All of our Governors are linked to a specific area of school life and these roles are published on the school website. At this meeting Mr Mallon reported to the Governors a very positive picture of progress and attainment from our outgoing Year 6 pupils.  Compared with other like schools nationally we were in the top 25% which is very encouraging. Children of all abilities achieved well including those most able (a priority in the SIP 2105-16). The Draft School Improvement Plan (2016-17) was adopted by Governors. The F&R Committee met on September 19th and approved the month end reports for June, July and August. The termly return was approved.  Finances are in good shape but there is no doubt that schools will have to tighten their belts over the coming years. An analysis of the Pupil Premium and Sports Premium spending showed both making a positive impact on our pupils. These are published on the website.  The Herts County Model Child Protection Policy including the Keeping Children Safe in Education was adopted. In terms of Admissions we now have more pupils in school than last year.  In total, 198 children made up of 97 boys and 101 girls.  Five children were accepted as in year admissions. A lot of work over the summer holiday has taken place on the school buildings and site. New fire doors have been fitted, a summer clean of carpets , floors and windows with refurbishments of the Ladies and Gents cloakrooms. The school looks in excellent condition. We have the 'Friends' of the school to thank for fitting an Astro turf outside the Year 3 classroom. This area can now be enjoyed by many of our children. The school website has been updated over the summer and I encourage all of our Parents/carers to take a look at this. The end of KS results are published there. Governors are busy planning a 'Governors Day' to be held on December 5th. This will be an opportunity for children to talk about and show their work to Governors and for us to learn more about all the exciting learning opportunities that are on offer to our children. Governors will be in attendance at the Parents Consultation evening on 19/20th October.  We hope to meet as many parents/carers as we can on that evening. Please do introduce yourself and give us feedback as to your experiences of St Michaels. Wishing you all a good and successful year ahead at St Michaels. Sue Gray Chair of Governors.
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Governors' news...

On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to welcome you all, Parents/carers, Pupils and Staff to the start of the new term.   Many of our children will be returning to school after the summer break to a new teacher and a new classroom.  For others, they will be starting school for the very first time.  Our teachers and teaching assistants will have a new group of children to nurture and to guide in their learning. The Governors will be reconsidering their roles and responsibilities and planning to support the school in every way they can over the coming year.   A new and exciting time for us all.  The Governors have a dedicated section on the school website that clearly defines who we are, our roles and responsibilities and how we aim to support the school.  Every year we send out to parents a questionnaire to find out what you are thinking about how well the school is doing.  This is always a very positive exercise regarding the educational opportunities that are on offer at St Michaels and it helps us to plan for the future. In addition, I have made a list of when our Governing Body Meetings are planned for the coming year which can been seen on your paper copy of the September newsletter (sent home in your child's bookbag), or else on the website under 'Newsletters/2015-16/September'.  As Governors, we welcome input from parents/carers so please do feel that you can contact the Governors with suggestions and comment. Governors attend the Parent Consultation Evenings and would like to meet as many of you on these occasions as possible.  Please do make yourself known to us on these evenings. Wishing you and your children a very successful and enjoyable year at St Michaels.  Sue Gray - Chair.

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