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Governor Update June 2018

Thank you to all our families who took time to complete this questionnaire. We are pleased to provide you with a summary of all responses received in the documents below (follow links at the end of this update). These documents have also been shared with our staff.
Thank you also to all of you who provided comments; all of which have been reviewed by Mrs Martin and Governors. Non child-specific comments, recommendations and suggestions will be taken to the next Parent Council meeting for discussion.
It was lovely to receive so many positive comments about our school and we are pleased to be able to share just a few of these with you.
Thank you for your continued support of our school.
With all best wishes,
Mrs Sue Gray
Chair of Governors, on behalf of the Governing Body.

Your Governing Body (GB) for 2019/20 is comprised as follows:


Name                                              Governor Category               Position and Committee

Mrs Rachel Stringer Parent                Parent                                   Chair of Governors, LPP, FRC

Rev’d Dominic Holroyd Thomas          PCC                                      Vice Chair of Governors Chair of LPP

Mrs Jan Martin                                  Headteacher                          LPP, FRC

Mr Matt Barfield                                PCC                                      Chair of FRC

Rev’d David Munchin                         Ex-Officio                              FRC

Mr Keith Thompson                           PCC                                      FRC

Mr Toby Baxendale                            PCC                                      FRC

Mrs Sue Gray                                    DBE                                     FRC

Mrs Stella Dunlop                              Parent                                  FRC

Mrs Caroline Fincham                        Staff                                     LPP

Mrs Kate Stuart                                Local Education Authority       LPP

Mrs Debbie May                                PCC                                      LPP

Mr Terry Mackie                                DBE                                      LPP

Mrs Lindsey Fekete                           Associate Governor                Advisor to LPP on school performance data

Currently vacant                               Co-opted

Mrs Abigail Seeley                             N/A                                      Clerk to FGB Co-ordinator of FRC and LPP committees


FRC relates to our Finance and Resources Committee and LPP refers to our Learning and Pupil Progress committee.


Introduction to the Governing Body:

The Governing Body has a general responsibility for ensuring that the school is run effectively, acting within the legal framework set by legislation and the policies of our local authority (LA), so that it provides the best possible education for our pupils.  We are not expected to take detailed decisions about the day to day management of the school; that is the job of our Head Teacher, Mrs Jan Martin.

The Governing Body must ensure that in delivering its responsibilities, it promotes and safeguards the welfare of our pupils.

How to Contact Governors

Governors may be contacted directly (you may see them in the playground or at parent consultations, for example) or by way of our dedicated parental contact point:

Should you have a concern or complaint, please follow the steps as laid out in the Complaint’s Policy, which can be found on our website. We would advise you that, in most circumstances, issues are best resolved by talking to the class teacher in the first instance. If this does not resolve the issue please request a meeting with our Deputy Head, Miss Prentice, or Mrs Martin, our Headteacher. 


 Powers and Duties of the Governing Body:

  • Helping to establish (with the Head Teacher) the aims and policies of the school, and how the standards of education can be improved
  • Deciding the conduct of the school, that is, how in general  it should be run
  • Helping to draw up (with the Head Teacher and staff) the School Improvement Plan
  • Helping to decide how to spend the school’s budget
  • Making sure that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught
  • Selecting the Head
  • Appointing, promoting, supporting and disciplining other staff
  • Drawing up an action plan after an inspection and monitor how the plan is put into practice.


Governors of St Michael's Woolmer Green School:


IMG 0936 IMG 0941 IMG 0939  
Sue Gray - Chair Rachel Stringer - Vice Chair Jan Martin - Head Teacher  
 Kate Caroline Matt Barfield  
Kate Stuart Caroline Fincham Dr Matt Barfield   
IMG 0940 IMG 0937 Revd Holroyd  
Abigail Seeley - Clerk Keith Thompson Rev'd Dominic Holroyd-Thomas  
Rev'd David Munchin